Rohan is an amateur photographer, an open water scuba diver, a mountaineer, an obsessive bibliophile, an intrepid traveller and a highly successful mutilator of the Spanish and French languages (often at the same time), an author, and more recently, a dad.

Among other hobbies, he can also lay claim to half-baked cooking attempts (no pun intended), chess, computer gaming, board gaming, archery, sky diving, bungee jumping, reading fantasy novels, and a string of other very forgettable endeavours.

His first novel Keep Calm and Go Crazy - a true story of how he met his wife, was published by Harper Collins India in 2016.

His second published piece was a short horror story The School that featured in the Best Asian Speculative Fiction of 2018 anthology.

Rohan currently lives in Singapore with his wife and two kids.