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To be a writer....WRITE!!

  Folks, Ive made a copy of this story on Medium. If you like the stark, shiny interface that Medium provides, please head over and read the story here . If you want bleeding cool textures and edgier backgrounds, I dont have it here either , but only because the buddy I normally rely on for layouts and formatting is guzzling pina coladas on a beach in Goa at the moment and wont be back till next month. Onwards to the article... The problem with seeking advice from the internet is that people are all too prepared to give it without any thought to how qualified they actually are to be dishing out said advice. This is especially true for writing. You can master the intricacies of grammar and bend it to your will, yet good sentences will elude you. You can craft vivid and beautiful plots in your mind but they turn into steaming piles of putrid garbage when they are penned down. And there is abysmally poor advice out there that frankly nobody should listen to, even if the writer of

Hickman and the X-men

 I've read Hickman's run on the X-men at least 5 times in the past few years. And I have to say, I think it's the best version of the X-Men that has ever been written. To be clear, when I began reading X-men (around 2001), I didnt just start from there. I went back and read every issue from the 1960's when it began all the way till 2001 and beyond. Characters died, then returned, then died again, villains became heroes and villains again (Im looking at you, Magneto), new villains rose, etc etc. Grant Morrisson did something of consequence by revamping the X-Men - his run at that time was new, fresh and original. Yet after that, it stagnated again.  Until now. Hickman's Krakoa run and the weird and fascinating lives of Moira Taggert is immensely pleasing .I suspect Im going to hate how it ends, but so far I am amsolutely loving it.